Leigh Film Society Lockdown: Orange Bags of Cinema Sunshine

Project overview Why the project matters Leigh Film Society are a independent community cinema charity. Established in 2013 we use film screenings to fight against social isolation, create opportunities for young people and support community cohesion. We have many different film screening projects including: Evening Film Society, Afternoon Classic Cinema Club, Annual Short Film Festival, … More

Guide to Intergenerational Activity

Bring older and younger generations together in your community. Our free guide to intergenerational activity is packed full of key information, inspiring success stories and top tips for your own projects.

Action on Loneliness in Care Homes

A report on “Action on Loneliness in care homes: an intergenerational project” which was commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Public Health team and was run by Magic Me between October 2015 and October 2016.

Old School: A Guide for Schools

Now the BBC’s filming and involvement has finished, we at the Oxford Academy are taking the Old School project forward independently. We’re extending the pilot further with the aim of creating a universal framework for schools who would like to run their own similar schemes. In the meantime we’re sharing the things we’ve learnt so … More