Katie Screaton at The Oxford Academy for BBC

Now the BBC’s filming and involvement has finished, we at the Oxford Academy are taking the Old School project
forward independently. We’re extending the pilot further with the aim of creating a universal framework for schools
who would like to run their own similar schemes. In the meantime we’re sharing the things we’ve learnt so far, to
help schools assess whether an Old School project might be right for them.

Above all, Old School is a partnership programme, partnering senior members of the local community with young
people in the school. Community must be at the heart of the work of a school to ensure success for all. Senior
members of our community have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be brought into the school, and as
a school we have fantastic facilities and expertise that can support our community members. Our facilities, resources
and expertise should be available to all. Building longstanding relationships will strengthen the school and the wider
community at the same time.