Women Make Film

Mark Cousins’ epic odyssey of women’s cinema – plus a selection of remarkable films that feature throughout.

Film: The Hours (12)

Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore star as three women from different eras who are linked by their common yearnings and fears. Virginia Woolf (Kidman), in a suburb of London in the early 1920s, is battling insanity as she begins to write her first great novel, Mrs. Dalloway. A wife and mother in post-World … More

Watch Seeing the Unseen on Vimeo On Demand

Get ready to be acquainted with 17 brave Icelandic women on the autistic spectrum in the documentary “Seeing the Unseen” The film sheds light on the lives of women and girls on the autism spectrum. Girls are much less likely to be diagnosed with autism than boys, with many being left undiagnosed until adulthood.

SWAN – Scottish Women’s Autism Network

Females on the spectrum have been described as being like swans – appearing to glide across the surface of life but paddling furiously under the surface just to keep afloat! It is becoming increasingly understood that more women may be on the autism spectrum than previously thought. However, many develop a range of coping strategies … More

Figs UK

We believe girls are being let down by the current system operating in the UK. Whether it’s protracted diagnosis, misdiagnosis or total lack of suitable provision, the system needs to be more reflective of female Autism on every level. Currently the assessment tools used to screen for Autistic Spectrum Condition are male- centric: we want … More