Race Equality Matters: Safe Space Plus Guide

ENABLE brave conversations. FACILITATE uncomfortable discussions. Drive meaningful CHANGE. Race Equality Matters conducted research to identify the barriers and solutions to race equality in the workplace. Safe Space Plus was created to address these major issues. It aims to get senior representatives and a small group of ethnic minority employees together in a safe environment … More

OF/BY/FOR ALL: A Framework for Action

When a moment of crisis or outrage arises, organizations can show leadership through concrete, thoughtful action. This tool can help your team map out action on two axes: immediate vs. longer-term actions, externally with your community and internally with your team.

UnionLearn: A Signposting guide to mental health

This is one of four unionlearn mini-guides to support learners at mid-life. They cover health and well-being in general, mental health in particular, pensions and financial advice, and how to balance work with family and dependant care. This signposting mini-guide is designed to help reps support people in the workplace who are affected by mental … More

A practical workplace guide for the prevention of bullying and harassment in the screen industries

This workplace Guidance has been produced to complement the Set of Principles for the Screen Industries. It offers practical support to help those in the industry to tackle workplace bullying and harassment and includes recommendations aimed at both employers – such as productions, festivals, studios and organisations of all sizes, including SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) … More

How to conduct a workplace investigation

Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. Workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly popping up. Managers make mistakes because they aren’t properly trained or they’re under pressure to resolve complaints quickly. Employees are more aware of their rights.