EMBED: Post COVID-19 reopening

To support UK reopening following COVID-19 lockdown, EMBED are pleased to share the ‘EMBED Reopening Recommendations Support Service’  created in collaboration with the Disability Collaborative Network (DCN) and the School of Health Sciences University of East Anglia.

Race Equality Matters: Safe Space Plus Guide

ENABLE brave conversations. FACILITATE uncomfortable discussions. Drive meaningful CHANGE. Race Equality Matters conducted research to identify the barriers and solutions to race equality in the workplace. Safe Space Plus was created to address these major issues. It aims to get senior representatives and a small group of ethnic minority employees together in a safe environment … More

Figs UK

We believe girls are being let down by the current system operating in the UK. Whether it’s protracted diagnosis, misdiagnosis or total lack of suitable provision, the system needs to be more reflective of female Autism on every level. Currently the assessment tools used to screen for Autistic Spectrum Condition are male- centric: we want … More

Action on Loneliness in Care Homes

A report on “Action on Loneliness in care homes: an intergenerational project” which was commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Public Health team and was run by Magic Me between October 2015 and October 2016.

Old School: A Guide for Schools

Now the BBC’s filming and involvement has finished, we at the Oxford Academy are taking the Old School project forward independently. We’re extending the pilot further with the aim of creating a universal framework for schools who would like to run their own similar schemes. In the meantime we’re sharing the things we’ve learnt so … More

Diversity and inclusion, why are we still talking about it? Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders

Creative & Cultural Skills, on behalf of the Creative Careers Programme, has launched a new Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders. The Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders has been designed to help employers reflect on how they might currently approach recruitment and offers simple steps that could help a business reach beyond … More