Creative and Credible: Participatory Action Research

Roz Hall is a socially engaged arts practitioner, a photographer who has undertaken independent evaluations for many years, starting with her work with young people in digital media projects (Hall, 2005). Conventional evaluation approaches can be lacking if they do not attempt to understand the meaning of arts participation to people taking part. Participatory Action … More

Creative and Credible: Qualitative Evaluation

Qualitative data include information gathered about participants’ experiences, perspectives and opinions. They can help to understand the meaning of arts activities and processes to participants. They can reveal important subjective information as well as illuminating the process of project delivery, showing unintended consequences of projects that cannot be identified through measurement using pre defined categories. … More

Creative and Credible: Quantitative Evaluation

Even the smallest scale project evaluation involves some kind of monitoring. The purpose of this is to document project delivery, usually recording the numbers taking part, the settings where the activities took place, the types of activity offered, and the outputs from the activity, including creative outputs such as artworks, music and performance. This often … More