OF/BY/FOR ALL: A Framework for Action

When a moment of crisis or outrage arises, organizations can show leadership through concrete, thoughtful action. This tool can help your team map out action on two axes: immediate vs. longer-term actions, externally with your community and internally with your team.

Family Arts Festival Evaluation Toolkit

This toolkit has been created for the Family Arts Campaign by Catherine Rose’s Office, for use by organisations participating in the Get Creative Family Arts Festival. It provides guidance, information and ideas on evaluating your Festival events and researching your audiences

Arts Council England Self Evaluation toolkit

Self evaluation is a vital first step towards improving your work. It can also help with self confidence and resilience. Arts Council England have developed a Self Evaluation toolkit for people, companies and partnerships in the arts, cultural and creative sectors.

Your Cinema Your Community Your Impact

This toolkit for cinemas points to the information that you need to know to determine whether you have screened your films successfully, attracted intended audiences, and made a difference to the people that attend as well as your wider community and economy.