Project overview Why the project matters Social isolation is a problem within the LGBTQ+ community at the best of times, but even more so during the pandemic as the few social spaces (bars and events) that were in place were removed. The LGBTQ+ community suffers increased poor mental health and this can be driven by … More

We Are Parable – Momentum

In association with the Film and TV Charity, We Are Parable developed Momentum, a three step approach to helping Black filmmakers get their work seen whilst simultaneously supporting them with mentoring and the ability to navigate their mental health through a challenging industry.¬† We spoke to We Are Parable co-founder Anthony about the initiative, its … More

Leigh Film Society Lockdown: Orange Bags of Cinema Sunshine

Project overview Why the project matters Leigh Film Society are a independent community cinema charity. Established in 2013 we use film screenings to fight against social isolation, create opportunities for young people and support community cohesion. We have many different film screening projects including: Evening Film Society, Afternoon Classic Cinema Club, Annual Short Film Festival, … More