Crip Cinema Archive

Crip Cinema Archive is documenting disability on screen. The archive defines ‘crip cinema’ as films that speak to something about the crip experience, speak to crip audiences, or that have a crip writer, director, or lead actor. Crip cinema has a fraught history – one of stereotypes, omissions, and repression. We have a few goals for … More

Crip Club

Crip club is an online and in-person community & an accessible podcast using film discussion to tackle ableism behind the camera, on screen and in cinemas.

And What Next? Demanding Change | THE CINEMA OF IDEAS

Following the theatrical release and a BAFTA nomination for Ella Glendining’s feature documentary Is There Anybody Out There?, ICO were pleased to present a special roundtable event celebrating disabled filmmaking and disability joy, while confronting the film industry’s barriers and ableism. Hosted by film and culture writer Lillian Crawford, the roundtable featured a conversation between … More

Faded Neon Films

Queer disabled writer/director Charli Whatley and producer and animator Toby Anthonisz set up production company Faded Neon Films to support underrepresented voices to tell bold cinematic stories. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do, and we are working on developing new ways to approach filmmaking that make the development and production process accessible … More