ICO blog – Touring Mapantsula: The journey to a national co-curation model

On 27 April 1994, the first non-racialised democratic elections took place in South Africa, a significant milestone in the dismantling of 300 years of colonisation and oppression. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of what is known as Freedom Day, the ICO has partnered with Cinema Africa! and Maona Art to bring a 4K restoration of Mapantsula to UK cinemas. In this blog, … More

Windrush Caribbean Film Festival

Organisation: Cinema Golau Project title: Windrush Caribbean Film Festival Short bio of your organisation:  Cinema Golau exists to support Black and Minority Ethnic filmmakers who are born or based in wales. We do this through cinema exhibition, industry events,  and one to one support for filmmakers and those working in the industry. Short synopsis of … More

42 Podcasts About The Black British Experience & Race In The UK

On May 25, George Floyd became one of around 1,000 people killed by American police annually. In the days following, organisers across the globe led anti-racist marches in solidarity with those protesting for Black Lives Matter on the ground in Minneapolis. Londoners took to Trafalgar Square in their thousands for a peaceful protest, kneeling for … More