Crip Cinema Archive

Crip Cinema Archive is documenting disability on screen. The archive defines ‘crip cinema’ as films that speak to something about the crip experience, speak to crip audiences, or that have a crip writer, director, or lead actor. Crip cinema has a fraught history – one of stereotypes, omissions, and repression. We have a few goals for … More

BFI Player FREE archive film: A Modern Guide to Health

A Modern Guide to Health Modern advice and old-fashioned values combine in this postwar animated health guide from the makers of Animal Farm Animation & Artists Moving Image, 1946, 9 mins This “modern” advice may be over 70 years old, but there is a lot of good common sense contained in this post-war health film. … More

BFI Player: FREE archive film “On the Level”

How much of the built environment was accessible in 1980s Britain? This government-sponsored film aimed to raise awareness about the importance of inclusive design to give disabled people independence. Ten years before the first UK disability discrimination legislation came into force, we can see a lot more needs to be done.

Screen Heritage

We manage nationwide funding programmes supporting screen heritage events on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network. Changing Times is a four-year initiative that explores over a century of social change as documented by the UK’s film and television collections. Each year, Changing Times takes a particular contemporary issue as its theme with the aim … More

Bookable – Britain on Film: Rural Life

The second programme from Britain on Film on Tour is an evocative exploration of the countryside of the UK, taking in the diverse and beautiful landscapes of all our home nations.