Leigh Film Society: Carers Film Club

A carers film club exclusively for individual carers groups providing cinema escapism and respite.
Elizabeth Costello

Project overview

Why the project matters

For many young carers juggling school and home care respite is important. We Champion the therapeutic benefits of cinema escapism and how watching a film for a couple of hours can take your mind away from more challenging thoughts.

The same for adult carers who may need time away and or bringing along their loved ones for an afternoon of cinema escapism. The young carers select the film and then decide what kind of meal they want from a chippy tea, McDonalds or KFC. Popcorn and tuckshop are available. The cost of all this is supported by Wigan Adult Social Care


To give young carers and adult carers and their loved ones an affordable safe venue to relax and make new friends.

To educate the young carers and adult carers of opportunities within the Film Industry. The cinema is based within the iconic Spinners Mill within Leigh and the opportunities to sign post them to other leisure activities that are available within the Mill such as Archery, Bowling, Table Tennis, Drama and highlight volunteering opportunities within the Mill.

Headline results

The demand for the young carer’s cinema has been amazing.  We were supposed to hold 12 young carer screenings a year, one a month. There are a number of young carers groups across the borough but because of the number of groups they only have access to one screening a year. 


Young carers select their own film choices based on which group is attending and that all films are age appropriate. The film clubs belong to the young carers groups so its great they get a say in film selections.

The Adult Carers Clubs films are selected by Leigh Film Society for an afternoon of pleasant and relaxing films.

Key partnerships

  • Wigan Council Adult Social Care Department
  • Wigan and Leigh Young Carers
  • Wigan and Leigh Adult Carers
  • Spinners Mill 


The project is supported by Wigan Adult Social care as you are aware it is very expensive for young people to attend Multiplex cinema’s so to be able to offer this free cinema experience is invaluable 

Learning outcomes

What worked

Leigh Film Societies Carers Film Clubs have created a great partnership with adult social care and hopefully will lead to other minority groups with wellbeing needs having their own private cinema club.

Wigan Adult and Young carers staff and volunteers are present with the young carers at all times and with the Adult Carer’s Club have their own representative from the staff of Wigan Adult Carers at each screening.

What didn’t work

It has worked really until we stopped because of the COVID pandemic.

What you’d do differently if you did it again

Probably to be more aware of individual needs, like safe areas, and ear defenders for certain young carers.

These are all in place now we bought ear defenders and created safe areas.



Awareness & attitudes

It’s important you listen to the group leaders and talk about how to improve the groups as it moves forward. Open dialogue helps with development and growth.

Giving the groups freedom to chose their own films is a positive way forward for a sense of ownership.