Inclusive Cinema is committed to addressing inequality and promoting diversity in UK cinema exhibition. 

We believe that Black Lives Matter, and we are listening, learning and taking action. We continue to read and share resources with the Film Audience Network membership, and use our platform to amplify the work of Black-led organisations, makers and curators.

Black culture is integral to British society and should be woven into our education and cultural understanding all year round, not just for now, but forever. As an opportunity to raise up the stories of those who have been marginalised, we hope this resource can be used as a vehicle to start important conversations and continue creating change – in on-screen representation, recognition of cultural impact, and in delivering a more inclusive future.

Festivals, collectives and organisations in the UK Film and Culture Industries

Dardishi: Festival of Arab and North African womxn’s art (Glasgow)
Africa in Motion (Glasgow/Edinburgh)
Fringe of Colour (Edinburgh)
African Film Club (Edinburgh)
Fly! Festival of Black Women’s Film (Bristol)
We Are Parable 
The New Black Film Collective 
The British Blacklist 
Come the Revolution 
Creative Debuts: Black Artist Grant 
Black Ticket Project 
Cinema Golau (Wales)
Watch Africa (Wales)
Caramel Film Club (London)
Recognize (Midlands)
CineQ (Midlands)
Mangosteen Media (Manchester/Bolton)
Black Gold Arts (Manchester)
Cables & Cameras (Bristol)
Afrika Eye (Bristol)
Kiki (Bristol)
Black Femme Film (London)