Barbara Paulino, Lesflicks

We have achieved a positive year in the vast lesbian and bisexual representation on screen! With so many stories such as Summerland, Ammonite, Happiest Season, I Hate New Year’s, Dating in Place, Good Kisser, and Forever Not Maybe, these narratives came to our screens to spread love and hope in one of the toughest times in human history, all the while giving us goosebumps. Although the future is uncertain, it’s important to understand that hardship is part of life. There is always a lesson and an opportunity to grow stronger and kinder than before, even when it feels like the end of the world. This is something we have learned from each of these stories. That’s where art comes in, opening your eyes to limitless possibilities. Now we’re opening the gates to 2021, realizing that it will not be the beginning of a fairy story, but the light at the end of the tunnel. We welcome 2021 with a range of strong LBTQ stories lined up for your entertainment! Read on for new films and series to watch next year.