Project overview Why the project matters Social isolation is a problem within the LGBTQ+ community at the best of times, but even more so during the pandemic as the few social spaces (bars and events) that were in place were removed. The LGBTQ+ community suffers increased poor mental health and this can be driven by … More

Rianne Pictures – Women X

Inclusive Cinema spoke to Rianne Pictures founder Caris Rianne and team member  Sophie Duncan on their approach to implementing the toolkit Dismantling Structural Inequality in Your Cinema by Sadia Hameed. How did you hear about the toolkit? Caris: We came across it, I think it was around January time, and it was on my to … More


Founded in 2003 by Mona Rai and Paula Larkin, Document is one of Glasgow’s longest running homegrown film festivals, occupying a unique space in the Scottish festival landscape through its historical links with grassroots art and activist organisations, and through its commitment to stimulating programming that bridges cinema, visual cultures, politics and human rights.  The … More

Birds’ Eye View – Covid Community Fund

Why the project matters The pilot challenges barriers to cinema and film faced by wider communities, and takes a bespoke approach to meeting needs which heighten the barriers during COVID. It ensures that during a time of desperation for survival in the exhibition industry, that already marginalised communities do not continue to be neglected. Aims … More

Faded Neon Films

Queer disabled writer/director Charli Whatley and producer and animator Toby Anthonisz set up production company Faded Neon Films to support underrepresented voices to tell bold cinematic stories. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do, and we are working on developing new ways to approach filmmaking that make the development and production process accessible … More

Queer East Film Festival

Queer East is an LGBTQ+ film festival aiming to showcase rarely seen queer cinema both from and about East and Southeast Asia and amplify the voices of Asian communities in the UK. It has been over half a century since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK but stereotyping, discrimination, and misrepresentation still exist. This … More

We Are Parable – Momentum

In association with the Film and TV Charity, We Are Parable developed Momentum, a three step approach to helping Black filmmakers get their work seen whilst simultaneously supporting them with mentoring and the ability to navigate their mental health through a challenging industry.  We spoke to We Are Parable co-founder Anthony about the initiative, its … More